Sabrina was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Her theatrical career began at roughly age 8, performing speeches at dinner parties held by her parents. A Queen Elizabeth speech that began ‘My loving people…’ was a personal favourite and a sure crowd-pleaser. She continued acting through her tumultuous teen years and ultimately received a BFA in drama from Carnegie-Mellon University. Upon graduation, she moved to New York where she worked as an actor in film, theatre and television for 7 years before meeting and marrying Canadian musician, David Usher.

Together, they moved to Montreal. It was here that Sabrina would meet a dancer, a filmmaker and a sound designer and form the collective bluemouth inc. Ultimately settling in Toronto, bluemouth inc. has created over 10 original inter-disciplinary works, performed all over the world, published two full-length works, received countless government grants, and been the subject of several Canadian Theatre articles. When having children necessitated staying at home rather than touring the world with bluemouth, Sabrina decided to create a company that would allow her to continue making work while staying close to home. And so in 2011, she created Fée Fatale, writing Les creux d’un rêve in 2011 and Blindsided in 2013. Both shows were premiered at Théâtre la Chapelle.

In addition to her own work, Sabrina works continuously in film, theatre and television. She has had the good fortune to work with such directors as Denis Villeneuve, Kim Nguyen, Stanley Tucci, Jean Pierre-Jeunet, Mel Shapiro, Nicolas Monette,  and Arto Paragamian. She holds a Masters in Creative Writing from Concordia University